Healthcare Laundry

Healthcare Laundry Services

Healthcare Laundry Sercvices

For nearly a half century KEMTEX® has been servicing the needs of the Dallas / Fort Worth area’s healthcare industry, including their laundry services.  With a state-of-the-art healthcare laundry facility we guarantee your items will be gently, yet thoroughly, cleaned and completely disinfected. 

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

KEMTEX® knows that no one does it better than us. That’s why we’re the only one who guarantees your satisfaction.

Protect Your Investment

Linen and laundered items represent a sizable investment from you company.  Our approach provides thorough, but gentle cleaning and laundering of your items to get the most life out of your inventory.  To do this requires expertise with inventory management and a full understanding of your operation, and special laundry and linen needs.

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We Never Commingle

We never commingle your laundry inventory with any other medical facility.  This eliminates cross contamination, especially with COVID-19, and other infectious diseases that are in most medical facilities and hospitals.

KEMTEX® Promise 

KEMTEX® is the best. We ares so confident in our ability that we guarantee your 100% satisfaction.  We will do it until we get it right according to your standards