Construction Clean Up

Construction Clean Up Services

We specialize in hospitals, surgical centers, E.R. facilities, clinics, medical offices, and specialty healthcare facilities.  Whatever the space Kemtex is the leader in making it “patient ready”.

Growth Makes A Mess

You know that constructing a new building, a new wing, or renovating an existing space, will leave behind more than just new space.  Everything from sawdust, to old coffee cups will undoubtedly be on site.  KEMTEX knows it’s not enough to sweep and dust.  That’s why we will provide a top to bottom cleaning, disinfection and sterilization for your newly completed area.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

KEMTEX® knows that no one does it better than us. That’s why we’re the only one who guarantees your satisfaction.

O.R. Standard of Cleaning 

We will use the same guidelines set out by the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) as the standard for cleaning your newly constructed and renovated area.  These are the same guidelines we use for setting our Terminal Cleaning standards.

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Patient Ready / Inspection Ready

Our level of thoroughness and attention to detail is so intense that when we are done, not only will you be able to open your new build to the public, but it will be ready for a JCAHO inspection, and attain Joint Commission accreditation.

Sought After Performance 

Our reputation is so respected that in recent years construction companies have come to us directly to handle their clean ups.  Whether it’s a terminal cleaning, new floor cleaning, job site disinfection or final clean, Kemtex

Post Construction/Renovation Healthcare Cleaning Services is the only source you need.